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Canggu vacation rental, 

2.5 Bedroom Villa

from $295/night

Pantai Indah Villas, vacation rental accommodation in Canggu, Bali. 2 bedrooms with swimming pool,

Beach House

from $220/night

Pantai Indah Villas, vacation rental accommodation in Canggu, Bali. 2 bedrooms with swimming pool,


Discreet Luxury by the Sea...


Please note that there will be a change in ownership of Pantai Indah Villas (not including the Beach House) effective from January 2020. The villas will be closed down for a large renovation from January to July, and once complete will form one large 6 bedroom villa (not available as 2 smaller villas anymore). Our wonderful team in Bali will remain intact, and the newly renovated villa will be even nicer than before. Please check back in to this site towards the middle of 2020 for updates on the progress and photos of the new villa. The Beach House villa is still available, and the details and booking page can be found on our other website:

4.5 Bedroom Villa

from $540/night

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